Thursday, December 6, 2012

Playing Double: More and more PingPong Players Are Choosing to Play Double

More and more people are embracing table tennis these days. The naked ball is attracting more and more ordinary people. Ping Pong creates an environment for fun camaraderie and quality time. It is also a great place to hang out with neighbors and colleagues. The benefits of playing table tennis are numerous. Besides the camaraderie and quality time, you can meet eligible singles and bachelors too. It helps you stay in great shape by engaging in anaerobic activities. If anything, you get to breathe and concentrate. You sharpen your vision. Hand & eye coordination!

Players of both sexes are joining ping pong clubs. They are buying paddles to display their techniques. And the dare is even more attractive!

Playing double has been a new addition. It is a lot of fun as more people are involved. The laughter is amazing. Remember that laughing is always good for your soul.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New York City, Elegant and Young Professionals Are Finding Dates Around a Ping Pong Table

Luke would rather miss lunch instead of being late or missing his Table Tennis session around lunch time. He is the type of guy who prefers to have his packed lunch instead of going to lunch. He does not want to miss his opportunity to see and be seen. Luke is taking to Ping Pong with mucho gusto. NakedPingPong Parties are all the rage. The ladies are attending.

In most major U.S. cities, this new trend is catching on. Playing Ping Pong is a great social event. It is also a way to get some exercise. In addition, you can meet great business professionals and hot babes or guys.

The ladies do not mind shedding, dropping a few sweats if they are getting an exercise and the chance to meet up with a banker who is not broke. The lunch dates can come easily afterwards. You have to sacrifice to get ahead, they realize.

So if you have news about NakedPingPong competitions in your areas, let me know at

I am begging for information on your table tennis sessions. I am begging for your news!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Models, Artists, Stars and Bankers Are Spinning The Naked Ball in New York City

The nakedness is merely a state of mind (officially, at least). Founded by three filmmakers who made their mint the way so many artistes have—a clothing-less yoga video starring a Penthouse Pet—Naked Ping Pong brings together amateur/pro table tennis players with sexy spectators for an off-the-wall evening of beer, cocktails and feverish paddling.

Here is the type of crowd you can expect to meet there:

...."an eclectic crowd of financiers, New Balance-wearers and runway models. Twenty dollars gets you access to an unlimited supply of vodka-Red Bulls and Victory beer till midnight, and for an extra Hamilton you can compete in the tourney and impress the crowd with your own nasty forehand...."

Who is behind this idea in New York?

The brainchild of Jonathan Bricklin, Malcolm Bricklin, Franck Raharinosy, and Bill Mack, this social club unites supermodels, corporate suits and international table tennis champions through ping pong and a steady supply of booze for the mere admission fee of $20.00 ($10.00 extra to play). Now you can impress potential pick ups with your pong skills every Tuesday and Friday night. Now Open.

NakedPingPong: A Tribeca Loft, New York Reality as Reported by New York Times (NYTimes)

Young 20 and 30-year old men and women are flocking to Naked Ping Pong to take their turns playing Ping Pong. Is is just a fad? Or is this the beginning of a fitness program that will spread all over the nation? The beautiful as well as the rich need to stay fit. They need to exercise. These tournaments attract a large group of onlookers or potential fans of the game too.

New York Times article on this follows...
"The Naked Ping-Pong tournaments that are held Tuesday and Friday nights in this 4,000-square-foot space on Greenwich Street bring together a compelling mix of the game’s elites and its dilettantes. The admission charge, $20, includes drinks but not playing — that costs another $10.

The events are the creation of three filmmakers: Jonathan Bricklin, 30, son of the automobile entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin of Yugo fame; Franck Raharinosy, 32, his roommate; and their baby-faced friend Bill Mack, 33, once a child actor whose credits included a stint on “Sesame Street.”

The other night, the supermodel Veronica Webb, wearing a black, V-back cocktail dress, took her turn at the table, missing often, her beaded necklace swinging wildly back and forth. Between volleys, she beamed through perfect teeth.

The tournaments are the beginning of what the three friends hope will be a Ping-Pong empire, starting with plans for an exclusive Ping-Pong club to open in TriBeCa by the end of the year. Their timing is excellent, if accidental: the Ping-Pong comedy “Balls of Fury,” starring Christopher Walken and Dan Fogler, arrives in movie theaters next week.

Among the affluent and ambitious, the three say they can do pretty much anything they set their minds to.

“We all deeply believe that anything is possible,” Mr. Raharinosy said. “You can do whatever you want in life.”

Along with establishing the club, the trio dream of competing in the 2012 Olympics. But Mr. Raharinosy held out an iPhone bearing a photo of an Asian girl of about 8, standing in front of a Ping-Pong table, her hair in pigtails, a smile on her face, and he said, “She beat me.”

The name of the tournaments, Naked Ping-Pong, is a misnomer; the allusion is to a series of unclothed instructional videos the group is producing, with titles like “Naked Yoga.”

Regardless of name, the tournaments attract a diverse bunch, among them Kazuyuki Yokoyama, a k a the Kazmanian Devil, a nimble 37-year-old who as of April was ranked seventh in the nation. Another regular is Wally Green, who grew up in the housing projects of Coney Island and likes to calls himself the Tiger Woods of Ping-Pong.

“Hey, Kaz,” said Mr. Green as he handed Mr. Yokoyama a tiny, doll-like paddle, house-rules handicap for players above a certain level. “I made this for you. Don’t let anyone else touch it......"

Naked Ping Pong Party in New York: $20 Admission plus Extra $10 per Play

For sure you can play Naked Ping Pong in New York. But you will be fully clothed. The only thing is that you will be among a group of people whose sole purpose is to have fun playing Ping Pong. No, they are are not naked. The naked part of the whole thing is "a state of mind."

When and where can you play NakedPingPong in New York? How much can you play for this favor? Entrepreneurship is the name of the game. The money you pay gives you access to beer, vodka and other accessories. Keep in mind you will pay $10 per play.

Tuesdays : 7 p.m. - 11 p.m.
Fridays : 7 p.m. - 11 p.m.

$20 admission, extra $10 to play
Where is this place?

5th Floor
487 Greenwich
New York, NY 10013

For those of you who are barely finding out about this place, It is a real place where rich supermodels, stars and other business people go to have clean fun. They socialize while playing and building their network.

Because of the owner's relationship with Susan Sarandon, NakedPingPong has been in the news lately.

Here at NakedPingPong blog, we are all about pushing this pastime among our friends and the general public. Ping Pong can be enjoyed by kids as well as adults. The naked part of NakedPingPong has to do with the ball itself.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Welcome to NakedPingPong! Where you can Play Ping Pong Fully Clothed!

Do you feel like breaking a few sweats? Do you enjoy playing Ping Pong? Or do you play ping pong for fun with your buddies? Welcome to NakedPingPong! This is the site that will provide you news, championships and anything related to table tennis. Keep in mind that table tennis or ping pong are synonymous here. They are used interchangeably.

At NakedPingPong, we encourage you to play fully clothed because you may have to injure your skin while diving or digging deep for a few balls. While the name is catchy, we want our players to play in public to show their skills. Now you can always engage in naked ping pong playing in your private residence or with your significant other or partners.

Once again, welcome to NakedPingPong, an organization whose aim is to encourage this sports here in the US and elsewhere.

Have you ever wondered why Table Tennis or Ping Pong is more popular in Europe, Asian and the Americas than in the US?

Read on to find out more about Ping Pong as a good sport.

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